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Our experts: Your International Knowledge Network

In close cooperation with experts from European and international institutions, national, regional and local administration and public services, universities and research institutes, public institutes and private companies, the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law designs highly appreciated practical training courses. Our high-level experts help you to face all professional challenges in practice. Join this extraodinary international knowledge network!


Jos Vaessen

Principal Evaluation Specialist, Evaluation Section, UNESCO

the Netherlands

Taito Vainio

Project Manager, Ministerial Adviser, Department for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior


Darija Valančič

National Contact Point for Legal and Financial Issues in Horizon 2020, Science Directorate, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport


Vittorio Vallero

Programme Manager, Research and Innovation, CSI-Piemonte – Information System Consortium of Piedmont‘s Public Administration


Aurélie Valtat

Head of Digital and Multimedia, DG International Cooperation and Development, European Commission

Morgan Valtersson

Social Media Manager, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


John D. van Barneveld

Unit Manager Financial Services, Erasmus University Rotterdam

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Dr. Gerbrand van Bork

Dr. Gerbrand van Bork

Senior Consultant Ecorys

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Bart van Brunschot

Bart van Brunschot

Deputy CEO, Bureau Inkoop en Aanbestedingen Zuidoost-Brabant

the Netherlands

Luc Van de Poele

Head of the Educational Quality Control Office, Education Department, Ghent University


Gerard van den Berg

Audit Manager, Central Audit Service, Ministry of Finance

the Netherlands

Yvonne van den Bos

Business Continuity Manager and Information Security Officer, Ministry of Finance

the Netherlands

Stefan van den Bossche

Head of Internal Audit, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Marcel van den Broek

PPP Expert, van den Broek Consulting

the Netherlands

Martijn van der Burgt

Founder of The International Institute for Capacity Building (IICB), Certified Auditor

the Netherlands

Lex van der Hoeven

Coordinating Advisor Policy and Implementation, Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands

Klaas van der Sterren

Policy Advisor Circular Economy, Rijkswaterstaat – Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

the Netherlands

Miek van der Wee

Head of Unit, Infrastructure and Regional Aid, DG Competition, European Commission

Peter van der Woude

Manager at the Certifying Authority under the Ministry of Economics, Agriculture and Innovation

the Netherlands

Lenie van Goor

Project Leader, Dutch Council for Refugees

the Netherlands

Angélique van Herwijnen

Legal Advisor European Law and State Aid, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

the Netherlands

Nathalie van Impe

Head of Corporate Communication, Brussels Airport Company, Brussels National Airport Zaventem, Belgium

Andrea van Kleef-van Assema

Audit Manager, Central Audit Service of the Netherlands

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Thed van Leeuwen

Thed van Leeuwen

Senior Researcher and Bibliometric Consultant, Centre for Science & Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University

Floris van Lint

Communications Manager, Broadband, Glasvezel de Wolden

Mark van Marken

Co-ordinator European Migration Funds, Ministry for Justice

the Netherlands

Helga van Peer

Partner, Head of the Global Public Law Practice, Allen & Overy LLP


Céline Van Rijckeghem

Science Communication Office, Ghent University


Peter Van Rompaey

Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications, Marketing, Communication & Events Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Luc Van Tilborgh

Domain Manager of the Federal Service Integrator, FEDICT – Federal Public Service for ICT


Marcelle van Valkenburg

Senior Legal Consultant, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Myriam van Wijk

Myriam van Wijk

Advisor on Diversity & Inclusion, Directorate DHR, University Medical Centre University of Utrecht

Mark Vandersmissen

Manager-Auditor in the Performance Audit Section at the Agency for Internal Audit of the Flemish Government


Stéphane Vanderveken

Deputy Head of Unit, Assessment Centre, European Personnel Selection Office

Profile picture: Bjarte Vandvik

Bjarte Vandvik

Secretary General, European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)


Helena Vangby

Senior Expert, State aid Unit, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

Herlinde Vanhoutte

Attaché International Affairs in the Food Chain Safety and Environment Unit at DG Environment, Federal Public Service Health


Jan Vaňkát

Head of Unit of Preparation and Closure, Financial Instruments Specialist, Ministry of Regional Development – National Coordination Authority

Czech Republic

László Váradi

Academic Area Leader, International Business School of Budapest


Christos Vasilakos

Senior Policy Officer – Synergies with ESIF, Clean Sky-2 Joint Undertaking

Lyubka Vasileva

Project Manager, EVN Bulgaria (Energy and Grid Provider)


Nicolas Vasse

Head of the Resources Department, European Securities and Markets Authority

Edward Vera Cruz

Expert in Public Procurement; former Chief Procurement Officer, West Sussex County Council

United Kingdom

Vanya Veras

Secretary General, Municipal Waste Europe


Peggy Vercauteren

Principal Auditor, Employment and Social Affairs - Financial Audit, European Court of Auditors

Dr Noël Vergunst

Head of Department and Educational Consultant, Educational Support, Radboud University Nijmegen

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Arthur Verkerke

Arthur Verkerke

Lead Data Scientist, Central Government Audit Service Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

Frans-Anton Vermast

Project Manager at Citynet Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Katleen Vermeire

Lead Consultant Sales - HR Services Selor (Central Selection Office for the Belgium Government)


Profile picture: Andreas Versmann

Andreas Versmann

DG Environment at the European Commission


Dr Lambert Verveld

Secretary General in the Office of the University Directorate, University of Groningen

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Wim Vervenne

Wim Vervenne

Policy Advisor in theDepartment for International Affairs of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank

the Netherlands

Louis Vervloet

General Director of the ESF Agency Flanders


Yvonne Verwohlt Hansen

Team Leader - The Psychosocial Team, Medical Service Brussels, European Commission

Christophe Veys

Procurement Specialist, Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer (IPT) Department, CERN - European Organisation for Nuclear Research

Jean-Jacques Viala

Supervision and Anti-Fraud Officer, Legal Affairs and Internal Control Department, European Research Council Executive Agency & Scientific Collaborator, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Belgium

Henrique Vicente

Director of the Audit Department, IFAP Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Finance, Paying Agency


Profile picture: Prof. Dr José António Viegas Ribeiro

Prof. Dr José António Viegas Ribeiro

Deputy General Inspector of the Audit Authority


Philippe Vircondelet

Internal Auditor, General Inspection of Social Affairs (IGAS) – an Interministerial Audit and Evaluation Office for Social and Health, Employment and Labour Policies


Profile picture: Col. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Vladimir Vlcek

Col. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Vladimir Vlcek

Deputy Regional Chief Fire Officer of the Fire Rescue Brigade of Moravian-Silesian Region, President of the Czech Association of Fire Officers

Czech Republic

Profile picture: Dr Nikos Vogiatzis

Dr Nikos Vogiatzis

Director of Cluster Operations and Technologies at the Corallia Cluster Initiative


Bjørnar Vold-Sarnes

Manager of Occupational Health Service / Special Adviser, Management and Support Units, University of Oslo


Bertrand Vols

Head of the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption, General Directorate for the Fight against Serious Organised Crime, Federal Police


Susanne Volz

Manager at Ernst & Young


Prof. Dr Ralf von Ameln

Chief Executive Officer at RvA EuroConsult GmbH and Honorary Professor at the European University Viadrina


Dr Götz von Thadden

Head of Unit, Financial Instruments | Baltic Sea & Northern Europe

Bernhard Michael von Wendland

Policy Officer - State Aid, State Aid Strategy, DG Competition, European Commission

Dr Charalambos Vrasidas

Executive Director of CARDET – Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology / Associate Professor of Learning Technologies, University of Nicosia