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Our experts: Your International Knowledge Network

In close cooperation with experts from European and international institutions, national, regional and local administration and public services, universities and research institutes, public institutes and private companies, the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law designs highly appreciated practical training courses. Our high-level experts help you to face all professional challenges in practice. Join this extraodinary international knowledge network!


Dr Miklos Maacz

Deputy Head of Department for Rural Development under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Ernesto Macias

President of the Board, Alliance for Rural Electrification

Profile picture: Inga Macijauskienè

Inga Macijauskienè

Deputy Director of the Structural Funds Department in the Central Project Management Agency


Veronika Madner

Managing Authority, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management


Monica Maduekwe

Resource Mobilisation Specialist, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Matthias Maertens

Former Adviser to the Director General Corporate Services, European Investment Bank

Govert Maessen

Senior Consultant Managing Authority, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

the Netherlands

Prof. Dr Diethard Mager

Head of Unit “Mineral Ressources and Geosciences, Geological CO2 Storage, Supervision of BGR” under the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


Christopher Magri

Director of the Funds and Programmes Division, Responsible Authority under the Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto


Veronica Magrini

Senior Budget Officer, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

Martin Mahnkopf

Head of the Department Quality Management and Internal Auditing Technical University Braunschweig

Jillian Mahon

Head of Funding, Risk Sharing and Product Development, Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (National Promotional Institution)

Andrea Maier

Policy Officer at DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion: Unit for Youth Employment, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance, European Commission


Andreas Maier

Senior Scientific Officer, Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning


Claudio Mainella

Finance Officer, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Profile picture: Grzegorz Makowski

Grzegorz Makowski

Director, Public Integrity Program Stefan Batory Foundation, Warsaw

Vladimir Makuc

Director, Belavita d.o.o


Profile picture: Rahele Malanca

Rahele Malanca

Staff Counsellor, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Profile picture: Gabriela Malejčíková

Gabriela Malejčíková

Auditor in the Section of Audit and Control (Audit Authority of the SOLID Programme) under the Ministry of Finance


Dr. Richard Malham

Senior Research Policy and Integrity Manager, University of St. Andrews

Antoine Mallia

Information and Communications Officer, Web Editor, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion: Communication Unit, European Commission


Dennis Malone

Chief Executive, Highlands & Islands Structural Funds Partnership Ltd.

United Kingdom

Geoffrey Mamdani

Case Handler, State Aid Strategy, DG Competition, European Commission

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Jürgen Manjé

Jürgen Manjé

Auditor in the Internal Policies and Banking Unit, European Court of Auditors


Angelika Mann

InfoSec Policy Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)

Marilis Männik-Sepp

Head of Audit Unit at the Financial Control Department


Saša Manojlović

Deputy Head of the Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime, Department of Prosecutors, State Attorney’s Office

Republic of Croatia

Simeona Manova

Inter-institutional Coordinator and Project Manager, Performance-Based Budgeting Unit, Directorate General for Budget, European Commission


Daniëlle Mans

Project Manager Additional Funding, Zuyderland Hospital, Former Senior Financial Advisor, ERDF Management Authority

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Istvan Már

Istvan Már

Head of Unit, LEADER Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Profile picture: Karolina Marcjanik

Karolina Marcjanik

Senior Expert, Chair of the Asylum Working Party under the Polish Presidency, Department for Refugee Proceedings, Office for Foreigners


Jennifer Marek

Information Security Officer, Information and Communication Technology, United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Aurelia Mari

Associate Lawyer, Fraud Investigations Division, Inspectorate General, European Investment Bank

Michaël Mariën

Head of Marketing and Communication, Ghent University Museum, Belgium

Juan Pedro Marin Arrese

Director of SEPI (Spanish State Holding Company for Publicly Owned Enterprises)


Marita Markevica

European Union Funds Audit Department, Ministry of Finance Republic of Latvia


Profile picture: Dr Arnost Marks

Dr Arnost Marks

Former Director General EU Funds, Ministry for Regional Development

Czech Republic

Profile picture: Lars Markström

Lars Markström

Principal Auditor, Chamber 3 Directorate - External action, security and justice European Court of Auditors (ECA)

Profile picture: Dr Robert Markus

Dr Robert Markus

Principal Administrator, Unit for Rural Development, European Court of Auditors


Alexandra Marquardt

Policy advisor, State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia


Neil Marr

State Aid Advisor, Environment Agency

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Massimo Marra

Massimo Marra

Environment Economist, JASPERS Regional Office for Bulgaria and Romania, European Investment Bank


Profile picture: Dr Stephen Martin

Dr Stephen Martin

Senior State Aid Advisor, Scottish Government

United Kingdom

Angela Märtin

Project Manager tu>startup, Research and Knowledge Transfer Office, TU Technical University Dortmund


Claire Martin

Knowledge Coordinator – Public Procurement, Transparency International

Profile picture: Laura Martinello

Laura Martinello

Member of Task Force, PPP Task Force – CIPE, Presidency of the Council of Ministers


Juan Antonio Martínez

Information Systems Planning Unit Manager, ICT Directorate, Autonomous University of Barcelona


Ana Martinez

Deputy Director, OGPI-International Project Management Office, University of Alicante


Profile picture: Ana Martins

Ana Martins

Head of Technical Support Centre, International Relations Office, Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC), Ministry of Interior


Profile picture: Nicholas Martyn

Nicholas Martyn

Audit Director, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Commission

United Kingdom

Peter Mason

Policy Manager, Universities UK International, (UUKi), Europe (Research and Innovation)

Profile picture: Vinciane Masurelle

Vinciane Masurelle

AVR Program Manager, Assisted Voluntary Return Department, Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers - FEDASIL


Stefan Mathesius

Head of Financial Instruments with the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA)


Dr Anuj Joshua Mathew

Department for International Trade, Senior Economic Adviser & Head, United Kingdom

Rafaela Matos

Principal Researcher, Head of Hydraulics and Environment Department, National
Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)


Caroline Mattingley-Scott

Director Fundraising, Goethe University Frankfurt


Andreas Mattisson

Head of Coordination Unit, Rural Development Department under the Swedish Board of Agriculture (EAFRD Managing Authority)


Crister Mattsson

Senior Advisor, Acreo Swedish ICT, Official Expert to the European Commission


Carina Mattsson

HR-Strategist, Human Resources Department, Luleå University of Technology


Profile picture: Darius Matusevicius

Darius Matusevicius

Director of Internal Audit and Financial Control Methodology Department (Central Harmonization Unit) under the Ministry of Finance


Camille Matz

Programme Officer for LEADER, Department of Agriculture, Forest and Rural Development, Voiron Region


Virech Maugi

Senior Officer, General Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs


Prof Dr Helmut Maurer

Policy Officer, Waste Management and Recycling, DG Environment, European Commission


Kristiina Mauriala

Senior Adviser in the International Affairs Unit, Ministry of the Interior


Sonja Maurus

Programme Executive, Southern Eastern Regional Assembly


Ruben Maximiano

Competition Expert, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Tomasz May

Auditor, DG Agriculture and Rural Development: Audit of rural development expenditure and IPARD, European Commission


Duccio Mazarese

Faculty Member, Officer in the Centre on Public-Private Security Policies, Security Governance/Counter-Terrorism Laboratory, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)


David Mazur

Section Leader – Intellectual Property Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer Group, CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research


Dr. Michael Mbogoro

Consultant, Oxford University, Oxentia Ltd.

United Kingdom

Paul Mbuthi

Principal Renewable Energy Officer, Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy & Petroleum


Brian McCaul

Director of the Commercialisation, Enterprise & Innovation Office, University of Leeds

United Kingdom

Sean McGuinness

Head of Internal Audit, Department for Agriculture and Rural Development

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Pat McHugh

Pat McHugh

Investment Director, seconded to the Scottish Government, SME
Holding Fund, Scottish Government


Aisling McKenna

Director of Quality Promotion and Institutional Research, Quality Promotion Office, Dublin City University


Profile picture: David McKeown

David McKeown

Business Improvement Services in Invest, Northern Ireland

Ainslie McLaughlin

Director of Procurement and Commercial Directorate, Scottish Government

United Kingdom

Phil McVey

former Director of European Policy and Programmes, South West of England Regional Development Agency

United Kingdom

Dr Lotte Melenhorst

Policy Advisor, Strategic Development Department, Delft University of Technology

the Netherlands

Ricardo Mena

Chief of Support and Monitoring of Sendai Framework Implementation Branch, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)

Krishna Menon

Chief of Section, UNHCR Headquarters Audit Section, Office of Internal Oversight Services, United Nations

Carola Menzel

Renewables Development Manager, Energy Agency, Auchincruive

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Fabrice Mercade

Fabrice Mercade

Principal Manager / Spokesperson, European Court of Auditors

Alex Mercer

Analyst, Finance & Administration, Small Business Support (SBS) Team, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Sam Mertens

Financial Officer Resettlement and Relocation, Budget and Control Conventions, Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (FEDASIL)


Peter Mertens

Crisis Communication Manager, Crisis Center, Ministry of the Interior


Profile picture: Cyril Messein

Cyril Messein

Senior Auditor, Chamber 3 - External Action, Security and Justice European Court of Auditors

Szilvia Mészáros

Head of Cabinet, Parliamentary State Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office Hungary,
former member of DG Regio, European Commission


Profile picture: Donato Metta

Donato Metta

Head of the Department, Internal Auditing Department, AGREA, Paying Agency of the Emilia-Romagna Region


Dr Hans Meves

Director, Network Bureau Europe


Carsten Meyer

Director Internal Oversight Services, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


Dr. Bernd Meyring

Partner, Linklaters LLP, Belgium and Lecturer in EU Competition Law, Goethe University Frankfurt


Eriks Mezalis

Member of the European Commission‘s Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement


Robert Michalski

Deputy Director, ROP Managing Department, Marshal's Office of West Pomerania Region


Profile picture: Dr Marco Michel

Dr Marco Michel

Policy Officer, European Information Centre Jean Monnet


Jochem Miggelbrink

Fundraising Officer, Amsterdam University Fund, University of Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Marianna Miklós-Molnár

Director of Strategy and Methodology, Directorate General for Audit of European Funds


Jim Millard

Head of Highlands & Islands and Territorial Cooperation Programmes, European Structural Funds Division, Scottish Government

United Kingdom

Liliana Mircescu

International Organisations HR Specialist, Facilitator and Coach

Alex Mitchell

UK Representative, Yes - European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

United Kingdom

Carolyne Mitchell

Digital Team Leader, South Lanarkshire Council


Makoto Miyasako

Head of Talent Management and Analytics Groups, Human Resources, Organisation für Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

Rudolf Mögele

Deputy Director-General, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission


Abdirizack Mohamed

Financial Adviser, African Development Solutions (Adeso)


Dr Chris Mollema

Senior Advisor Research, Strategy & Development Department, Radboud
University Nijmegen

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Milosz Momot

Milosz Momot

Policy Officer, DG TREN: Transport Policies and Technological Development Department, European Commission


Barbara Mönch

Unit for Impact Assessment and Evaluation, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission


Marcin Monko

Press Adviser, Communications Unit, European Research Council Executive Agency

Nadège Monnot

Coordinator, Asylum and Migration Fund Unit, DG Home Affairs, European Commission


Valeria Montanari

Deputy Mayor, Digital Agenda & Civic Participation Community Manager, Municipality Reggio Emilia


Sabrina Montante

Head of Health – Research an Innovation Sector, Brussels Office Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Gemelli University Hospital & Senior Advisor for EU Affairs for the National Institute of Health of Italy

Rui Sousa Monteiro

Senior Economist at Parpública SA


Stephen Moore

European Support Unit, Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment, Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

Dr Emmanuel Moore Abolo

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Risk Management, Nigerian Export-Import Bank

Pete Moores

Commercial Director, Oxentia – Oxfords Global Innovation Consultancy

United Kingdom

Petr Mooz

Head of Information and Communication Unit, Directorate-General Directorate-General for Budget Information and Communication, European Commission

David Morall

Head of East and South East of England Programme Delivery Teams & 2014-2020 Policy, Department for Communities and Local Government

United Kingdom

Fernando Morate

Auditor, Chamber 3 Directorate – External action, security and justice
European Court of Auditors

Jon Morgan

AMIF Policy Officer, UK Responsible Authority, UK Home Office

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Clare Morgan

Clare Morgan

Media Relations Manager, Partnership Office for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Jackie Morin

Jackie Morin

DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion: Head of Free Movement of Workers, Coordination of Social Security Schemes Unit, European Commission


Renée Moritz

Head of Performance & Well-Being, Directorate of Human Resources, Council of Europe


Craig Morris

Senior Manager Energy Systems, Renewables Grid Initiative

Dr Mike Moulder

Former Head of Budget, Finance and Procurement Unit, European Union‘s Judicial Cooperation Unit (EU Agency EUROJUST)

Alexander Mouret

IP Executive, Research and Innovation Services (LURIS), Leiden University

the Netherlands

Pascal Mousset

Head of Procurement and Contracting Advice Department, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

the Netherlands

Dr Kieran Moylan

Assistant Director of the Border, Midland & Western Regional Assembly


Profile picture: Joanna Mrowicka

Joanna Mrowicka

Director of Audit and Internal Control Department, Poznan University of Technology


Thomas Mühlhans

Head of Unit III/5/b – Integration, European Refugee and Integration Fund, Federal Ministry of the Interior


Esther Mukooza

Team Leader and Founder Member of the Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Association (UNREEA), Founder Member of the East African Renewable Efficiency Association


Profile picture: Martin Müller

Martin Müller

Team Lead EU-Communication, Business Promotion Bank in the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany

Martin Müller

Coordinator EU-Communication, Regional Development Bank of the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany

Nadine Müller

Case Handler, DG Competition, Unit B2 – State aid / Energy and Environment, European Commission

Anna Caroline Müller

Legal Affairs Officer, Government Procurement Team, World Trade Organisation (WTO)


Lukas Müller

ESF Management Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Republic

Profile picture: Dr Karsten Müller-Eising

Dr Karsten Müller-Eising

Partner, Lovells LLP


Alix Müller-Rappard

Counsel, Lovells LLP


Andrei M. Muntean

Head of Economic Governance Unit, Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)


Patricia Muotto

Programme Manager, European Programme Management Unit, London, Greater London Authority

United Kingdom

Britt-Karin Muri

Assistant Director, Human Resources, University of Bergen


Profile picture: Feargal Murphy

Feargal Murphy

Vice-Principal for Teaching and Learning, UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore & Linguistics, Ireland, University College Dublin


Michelle Murphy

Strategy & Performance Division, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Ireland

Ananth Murthy

Interim ERDF Project Manager, Westminster City Council

United Kingdom

Emer Musonda

Management Accountant, Higher Education Authority


Dr Rainer Müssner

Desk Officer for Land-Use, Biodiversity and Water, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Jakob Møgelvang

Head of Coordination Division of EFF and EAFRD, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries


Hans Teglhus Møller

Consultant, Danish Energy Agency