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Our experts: Your International Knowledge Network

In close cooperation with experts from European and international institutions, national, regional and local administration and public services, universities and research institutes, public institutes and private companies, the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law designs highly appreciated practical training courses. Our high-level experts help you to face all professional challenges in practice. Join this extraodinary international knowledge network!


Patrick Kainz

Advisor, Directorate for Budget and Public Finance, Federal Ministry of Finance


Fabian Kaisen

Deputy Director, Competition and State Aid Directorate, EFTA Surveillance Authority

Profile picture: Christine Kaiser

Christine Kaiser

Career Center, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Sandra Kaiser

Advisor on Budget Reform, Directorate for Budget and Public Finance, Federal Ministry of Finance


Profile picture: Dr. Lorenz Kaiser

Dr. Lorenz Kaiser

Division Director for Legal Affairs and Contracts der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft


Profile picture: José Luis Kaiser Moreiras

José Luis Kaiser Moreiras

Deputy Director General, European Programming and Evaluation of Operational Programmes, Ministry of Economy and Finance


Profile picture: Dr. Kurt Kalcher

Dr. Kurt Kalcher

Head of Department, Disaster and Crisis Management, Office of the State Government of Styria


Elina Kamenitzer

Head of Unit in the Financing Corporates & Banks Department, European Investment Bank


Dirk Kamm

Head of International Affairs, Division of International Affairs, Directorate II Risk Management, International Affairs, Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance


Anna Kanakaki

Certified Project Manager (IPMA) and Head of Unit, Management Organisation Unit Agency, Ministry of Economy


Aivaras Kandratavičius

Head of the External Border Fund Division, Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) under the Ministry of Finance


Colonel (HAF ret.) Georgios Kanterakis, Ph.D.

Hellenic Ministry of Defence [ret.], National Representative to the HORIZON 2020/Secure Societies Programme Committee Greece

Evelyne Kappel

Head of Career Center, ETH Zurich


Veikko Kapsta

Advisor of State Budget Department, Ministry of Finance


Dr Moritz Karg

Data Protection Adviser, Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection,


Per Karlsson

Chief Legal Officer, Swedish Competition Authority


Andres Karotamm

Audit Coordination Officer, Mandate Services, European Investment Bank (EIB)

Dana Kaščáková

Communication Manager and Contact Point Coordinator Joint Secretariat, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme

Daniela Kaser

Head of Marketing and Communication Service Unit, St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences

Emmanuel Katrakis

Secretary General, European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC)

Eleni Katsampani

Head of Contracts Division, European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT)

Peter Kaufmann

Experienced Evaluator and Expert Member, European Evaluation Network for Rural Development


Päivi Kauppi

Controller EBF, Swedish Central Border Management Division, National Criminal Police


Romuald Kayibanda

Head of Private Office, Private Office of Mr. Brincat,
Member of European Court of Auditors

Agnieszka Kazmierczak

Director of Horizontal Affairs and Audit in Agencies, Internal Audit Service, European Commission


Michael Kegels

Director of Operations, Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers – EDASIL, Responsible Authority


Profile picture: Katharina Keitan

Katharina Keitan

Head of the Managing Authority, Objective 1 Programme and Phasing Out Programmes ERDF and ESF of Burgenland


Mihalis Kekelekis

Senior Officer, Competition and State Aid Directorate, EFTA Surveillance Authority

Michael Kell

Chief Economist and Head of Value for Money Audit Practice, UK National Audit Office

United Kingdom

Peter J Kelly

Senior Psychologist, Work and Health Programme, Health and Safety Executive

United Kingdom

Robert Kelly

UNDP GCF Global Climate Change Mitigation Coordinator, UNDP Global Environment Finance, UNDP


Profile picture: David Kelly

David Kelly

Assistant Director, Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly


Dr Ingrid Kelly

Technology Transfer Manager in the Research Services and Career Development Department, University of Vienna


Dr Thomas Kemmerich

Audit Team Leader, University of Bremen


Dr Fiachra Kennedy

Assistent Principal, Central Evaluation Unit, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform


Profile picture: Audrey Keogh

Audrey Keogh

Financial Controller, Railway Procurement Agency


Kamila Kępczyńska-Kaleta

Project Manager, Department of Regional Policy, Managing Authority, Marshal’s Office of the Swietokrzyskie Regional Government


Karl Kerschbaum

Legal Counsel, Senior Research Manager, EU GrantsAccess, International Research Programmes, University of Zurich, ETH Zurich


Nicolas Kerz

Vice Head of Division Sustainable Building of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)


Stelmart Khalil

Employee Support Programme Unit Co-ordinator, Office of the Prime Minister


Nicholas Khan

Legal Adviser, CONC Team (Competition & Mergers), Legal Service, European Commission

United Kingdom

Johan Khouw

European Anti-Fraud Office: Head of Fraud Prevention and Intelligence Unit, European Commission


Mona Khurdok

Chief a.i. Quality Management Unit, Division for Management Services, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Misha Kidambi

Communications Officer, EUROfusion

Philipp Kiiver

Public Procurement Lawyer and Case Manager, Contracts and Procurement Unit, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (DG INLO), European Parliament


Dr. Sonja Kiko

Head of Quality Assurance Team Student Affairs and Education, Heidelberg University


Catherine Kilcullen

Senior Investigator in the Cartels Division of the Irish Competition Authority


Andrea Kilen

Deputy Communications Director of Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration


James Kinch

Specialist Solicitor, Chief State Solicitor's Office, Ireland


Elena Kindyni

Digital Communications Officer, European Ombudsman

Ulla-Karin Kinell

Risk Manager, Karolinska Institutet,


Philippa King

Regional Waste Co-ordinator, Southern Regional Waste Management Office


Dr Heidi Kinnunen

Senior Advisor, Impact and Business Collaboration, University of Helsinki


Dr. Oonagh Kinsman

European Commission Team Lead, Research Development Office, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

Simone Kirbach

CEO and Owner of ProExBe (Consultancy with International Financing Service), IBWF-certified Consultant

Chris Kirby

Resident Twinning Advisor, Department of Business, Innovation and Skill, Skopje


Profile picture: Thomas Robert Kirschner

Thomas Robert Kirschner

EESSI ICT Team Leader and Chief Advisor, Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration


Irith Kist

Project Manager Dual Career / Elite sports infrastructure, Dutch Olympic Committee, Dutch Sports Federation

the Netherlands

Corina Klein

Adminstrator in the Responsible Authority ERF, EIF and RF, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees


Profile picture: Roderik Klinda

Roderik Klinda

Director of Department of Programmes, General Directorate of Environmental Programmes and Projects, Ministry of Environment


Frank Klingenstein

Department for Protected areas and Natura 2000, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety


Patrick Klugman

Deputy Mayor of Paris in Charge of International Relations and the French Speaking World


Wim Jonker Klunne

Programme Director, Energy and Environment Partnership Southern and East Africa (EEP)

Profile picture: Konrad Knedler

Konrad Knedler

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP), Internal Audit Director, Polish Agency of Enterprise Development


Ignaz Knöbl

Head of Unit Coordination of Rural Development under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management


Andreas Knörzer

Managing Director of the Sarasin Bank, Basel


Anne-Marie Knuth-Winterfeldt

Head of Section in Division for Rural Areas and Business Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries


Elfriede Kober

Head of Monitoring and Paying Agency for EU Structural Funds, EU State Aid Affairs, Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH

Dr Thomas Koch

Director, Strategic Projects, KfW Group / DEG – The German Investment and Development Company


Jakub Kodym

Head of Procurement for Facility Management, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (DG INLO), European Parliament

Thomas Koepke

General Manager and Founder of Fosera Manufacturing PLC, Ethiopia

Martin Köhler

Team Leader Accounting in DG Budget – Budget Execution – Accounting Unit,
Directorate General for Budget, European Commission

Sarah Kohlmaier

Group Leader, Career Counselling, University of Vienna


Eeva-Liisa Koivuneva

Senior Government Advisor, Head of the Structural Funds Administration, Regional Development Unit, Ministry of Employment and the Economy


Joanna Kokot

Task Leader Security and Citizenship Systems Audit, European Court of Auditors

Vesna Kolar Planinšič

Head of SEA Department under the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning


Lars Kolze

Head of Office for Legal Affairs, The Danish AgriFish Agency, Ministry of Environment and Food


Claus Kondrop

Policy Officer, Adaptation Unit, DG Clima, European Commission

Profile picture: Dr Jitka Konopásková

Dr Jitka Konopásková

Head of EU Coordination and International Relations Department, Czech Social Security Administration

Czech Republic

Willem Koolhaas

Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam

the Netherlands

John Kootstra

International Coordinator, Citizenship and Information Policy Department, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

the Netherlands

Dr. Alexander Kopke

Policy Officer, Unit ECHO C4: Civil Protection – Prevention & Preparedness, European Commission


Dr. Thierry Koscielniak

Digital Pedagogy Executive Director, eLearning and Academic Support Office (ICT
for Education), University Paris Descartes


Profile picture: Tamás Koscondi

Tamás Koscondi

Head of International and Business Development Department, West Pannon Regional Development Agency


Profile picture: Andrea Kostolná

Andrea Kostolná

Head of Joint Technical Secretariat, ETC Programme Slovakia-Austria 2007-2013


Charalampos Kostopoulos

Contracts & Procurement Officer, Commercial Department, European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy (EURATOM Agency Fusion for Energy)

Profile picture: Militsa Kostova

Militsa Kostova

Legal Officer, Competition and State Aid Directorate EFTA Surveillance Authority

Dion Kotteman

Executive Advisor with focus on ICT to the Ministry of Finance

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Eva Kovařovicová

Eva Kovařovicová

Member of Division of Regulation and Methodology for PPPs, Ministry of Finance

Czech Republic

Dr. Manfred Kraff

Deputy Director-General, Directorate General for Budget, European Commission


Dr Robert Krč

Lawyer, Office for the Protection of the Competition

Czech Republic

Harald Krebs

Chief Manager of EUREGIO e.V.


Dr. Friederike Krelaus

Lawyer and Partner with Waldeck Rechtsanwälte Partnergesellschaft Law Firm


Jo Kremers

Former Senior Audit Manager, Central Audit Service
Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

Liliana Krężołek

Manager, Regional Office of Świętokrzyskie Region in Brussels, Poland

Brigadier General Heinz Krieb

Director Concepts and Capabilities, EU Military Staff, EEAS – European External Action Service

Profile picture: Oliver Krieger

Oliver Krieger

Senior Expert for Energy Efficient Buildings, German Energy Agency

Profile picture: Jan Kríž

Jan Kríž

Director of the EU-Department under the Ministry of Environment

Czech Republic

Profile picture: Dr Vlasta Krmelj

Dr Vlasta Krmelj

Director of the Energy Agency of Podravje


Frank Krüger

Senior Advisor in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


Roelof Kruize

Chief Executive Officer of Waternet

the Netherlands

Anita Krūmiņa

Director, Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA)


Anna Kucharczyk

Head of Regional Operational Program Unit, Department of Regional Policy, Marshal’s Office of the Swietokrzyskie Regional Government


Vollrad Kuhn

Business Development Manager Energy Solutions, Johnson Controls Systems & Service GmbH


Markus Kühne

Director, Career Service Center, University of St. Gallen


Dr. Paul Kuijer

Consultant for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Netherlands Center for
Occupational Diseases (NCvB) and Assistant Professor, Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, Academic Medical Centre (AMC) Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Bernard Kuiten

Head of External Relations, World Trade Organization

Prof. Dr. Erhun Kula

Professor at the Centre for Financial and Management Studies (University of London) and the Bahcesehir University of Istanbul


Eve Külmallik

Counsellor at the Fisheries Economics Department under the Ministry of Agriculture


Juhi Kumar

Finance Officer, Finance and Treasury Division, World Food Programme (a UN programme)

Steffen Kunert

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Responsible Authority AMIF


Lennart Kuntze

Associate Programme Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency, Innovation & Technology Centre

Tilo Kunze

Stellvertretender Gruppenleiter für Strategie, Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt


Profile picture: Nicolaj Kuplewatzky

Nicolaj Kuplewatzky

Member of the Legal Service, AIDE Team (State Aids and Dumping) European Commission

Jarek Kurnitski

Professor at Tallinn University and Vice President of the Federation of European Heating and Air-Conditioning Associations (REHVA)

Peter Kurth

former member of the Board of ALBA Group, Vice-President of the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD), President of the BDE – Federation for German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management Industry


Ivana Kurzelova

Structural Funds and State Aid Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Business, Innovation and Skill

Czech Republic

Erik Kurzweil

Head of Crisis Response Centre, Federal Foreign Office, Germany

René Kusier

Head of Section in the Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries


Profile picture: Dr Ralf Küssner

Dr Ralf Küssner

Head of Unit, Court of Auditors, Thuringa


Mojca Kuzmički

Senior Specialist Criminal Police Inspector, Criminal Police Directorate, Corruption Section, Ministry of Interior, Slovenia

Vladimir Kváča

former Director, Partnership Agreement Evaluation and Strategy Department, Ministry of Regional Development (Coordination Authority)

Czech Republic

Carsten Kyhnauv

Director, Internal Audit Department, Ministry of Defence


Carsten Kyhnauv

Director, Internal Audit Department, Ministry of Defence


Dr Lone Kørnøv

Associate Professor in the Department of Development and Planning at Aalborg University / SEA Centre