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Our experts: Your International Knowledge Network

In close cooperation with experts from European and international institutions, national, regional and local administration and public services, universities and research institutes, public institutes and private companies, the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law designs highly appreciated practical training courses. Our high-level experts help you to face all professional challenges in practice. Join this extraodinary international knowledge network!

Profile picture: Filipe da Costa

Filipe da Costa

Head of the European Funding Managing Unit, Ministry of the Interior


Isabel da Rosa

Isabel da Rosa, Policy Officer Electronic Procurement, Unit Innovative and e-procurement, DG GROW, European Commission

Marina Dafova

Art Director and Journalist

Christian Dahoui

Director of Human Resources, World Trade Organization

Fakhri Dajani

Executive Secretary, Committee on Budget and Finance, International Criminal Court

Antoine Dalli

Director of Financial Investigations and AFCOS, Internal Audit & Investigations Department, Office of the Prime Minister


Giacinto Dammico

Audit Director, Court of Auditors


Susan Danger

Managing Director of the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union


Florin Dascalescu

Senior Legal Counsel, Legal Services, Corporate and Institutional Affairs Division,
European Investment Fund (EIF)

Martin Dastig

Member of the Strategy and Business Development Team, Investitionsbank Berlin


Arnis Daugulis

State Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Deputy State Secretary, Electronic Government Department and Public Services Department, Ministry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia


Sagar Dave

Head of Internal Audit, Oxfam Great Britain

United Kingdom

Keith Davis

Director of Cross Government Value for Money Audit, National Audit Office

United Kingdom

Nicholas Dawe

Digital Media Manager in the Communications & Marketing Department of the University College of London

United Kingdom

Emiel de Bruijne

Consultant, Waste and Resource Management Department, Ramboll Environment & Health GmbH

Petra de Bruxelles

Senior Diversity, Employer Branding and Outreach Officer, Development & Performance Division - Personnel Directorate, European Investment Bank

Patricia de Clercq

Chief and Spokesperson of the Organisation and Strategic Policy Division, Ministry of Agriculture


Bart de Jong

Manager New Business Development, e Innovation Lab, Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e

the Netherlands

Kaz de Jong

Head of Staff Care, Medicins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)

Constant de Koninck

Senior Auditor, Belgian Court of Audit


James Odrowaz de Lorenzzi 

National Commercial Coordinator, Strategic ICT | Directorate of Resources, Counter Terrorism Policing HQ

United Kingdom

Ivo de Noojer

IP Executive, Research and Innovation Services (LURIS), Leiden University

the Netherlands

Pieter de Pous

Senior EU Policy Officer, EU Policy Unit at the European Environmental Bureau


Leen de Vreese

State Aid Case Handler, DG Competition, Unit H-1 - Regional Aid, European Commission


Thomas Deane

Press Officer for the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Public Affairs and Communication, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin


Christian Debach

Head of Audit Authority, EU Financial Control Unit, Ministry of Finance, Federal State Baden-Württemberg


Aletta Debernardi

Director Knowledge Partnering, Knowledge Exchange Office, Leiden University and LUMC (Luris)

the Netherlands

Willem Debeuckelaere

President, Commission for the Protection of Privacy


Profile picture: Laurence Deglain

Laurence Deglain

Head of the European Refugee Fund Section, Asylum Department, Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Solidarity Development


Martine del Bono

Former Head of the Information and Communication department at the Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA)


Lucia del Rio

Technical Officer, Office for EU and International Research Projects, Carlos III Health Institute


Alan Dell

Deputy of Head of EFF/EMFF Policy, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Sarah Dello

Sarah Dello

Advisor EU Funded Projects, Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Sascha Demarmels

Expert and Coach, Agile Communication, Now New Next

Profile picture: Cees den Heijer

Cees den Heijer

Senior Contract Manager Telephony, The Hague Procurement Cooperation, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

the Netherlands

Erik den Hoedt

Director, Public Information and Communication Office, Ministry of General Affairs

the Netherlands

Balázs Dencsö

Director General, Head of EU Funds Audit Authority, Directorate General for Audit of European Funds under the Ministry of National Economy


Caroline Deprez

Digital & Internal Communication Chief and Spokesperson of Eurocorps

Jacqes Derenne

Managing Partner, Lovells LLP, Brussels Office


Profile picture: Ivan Derré

Ivan Derré

Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning


Christophe Derrien

Policy Advisor, General Affairs Department, COPA-COGECA (European Farmers and European Agri-Cooperatives)


Michael Dethlefsen

Chief, Procurement Services Division, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Dr. Markus Dettenhofer

Executive Director, Central European Institute of Technology, Czech Republic

Daniela di Capua

Director of SPRAR and Head of the Delegated Authority for the European Refugee Fund (ERF), Central Service of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR)


Adama N. Diarra

Former Minister of Republic of Mali, Mayor of the Town Kourouma, Mali,
Mali Red Cross Honorary Chair and former President Mali Red Cross

Alexandre Diemer

Chief Information Security Officer, Council of Europe


Dirk Dierickx

Head of IT-Forensic and E-Audit Division, Special Tax Inspectorate, Belgian Government Finance Department and Project Leader, Belgian Internet Service Centre


Dr Kai Dieter-Classen

Deputy Director, External Affairs, Hamburg Port Authority, Germany

Dobrinka Dimova

Representative of the Austrian Audit Authority, Austrian Federal Ministery of Interior, Audit EU-Fonds


Sascha Dirr

Internal Audit and Corruption Prevention, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees


Dr Alexander Dix, LL.M. (Lond.)

Vice-Chair, European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection


Gerard Doherty

Audit Manager, ERDF Audit Authority, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform


Andrej Franc Dolinšek

Secretary, Department for Public Procurement and Concessions, Ministry of Finance


Alma Dolot

Internal Auditor, Office of Internal Oversight Services, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Marlon Domingus, CIPP/e, CIPM

Program Manager, Research Data Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

the Netherlands

Marie Donnelly

Director Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency, DG Energy, European Commission


Simone Donzelli

Case Handler, Unit for the Enforcement and Monitoring of State Aid Decisions, DG Competition, European Commission

Marjan Doom

Curator, Ghent University Museum

Martina Doppelhammer

Legal Advisor, DG Environment, Unit C.5 "Energy and Environment", European Commission


Ciaran Doran

Director, Managing Authority, Department for Economy, Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Dr Patrick L. Dorvil

Dr Patrick L. Dorvil

Solid Waste Economist, Projects Directorate - Convergence & Environment, European Investment Bank


Profile picture: Luis Pereira Dos Santos

Luis Pereira Dos Santos

Chief Auditor Executive of Operational Programme of Territory Improvement (2007-2013 ERDF/CF)


Dr Laura Droessler

Consultant, Isis Innovation, University of Oxford

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Dr Margriet Drouillon

Dr Margriet Drouillon

Technology Developer, IOF, Ghent Bio-Energy Valley


Profile picture: Malcolm Lloyd Dubber

Malcolm Lloyd Dubber

Technical Lead, Critical National Infrastructure Programme, Serco Solutions

United Kingdom

Kris Duchateau

Team Coordinator for Equal Opportunities, City Service for Equal Opportunities and Welfare, City of Ghent, Belgium

Normantas Dučinskas

Head of eHealth Coordination and Implementation Division,
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania

Anela Duman

Regional Public Procurement Expert, Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS)


Dr. Mihail Dumitru

Director, Directorate for Rural Development Programmes, DG REGIO, European Commission


Petre Dumitru

Web Team Leader, Directorate-General for Budget, Information & Communication, European Commission

Profile picture: Jean-Claude Duplouy

Jean-Claude Duplouy

International Senior Consultant, International Financial Consulting


Daniel Durango

Senior Team Leader, Internal Audit, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) (UN Programme) - Headquarters Rome

Michel Duray

Senior Officer, Internal Auditor, Head of Risk Management, Internal Audit Service, Office of the NATO Financial Controller


Julian Duxfield

Director of Human Resources, University of Oxford

United Kingdom

Kresten Dørup

Head of Dean’s Office, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen