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Our experts: Your International Knowledge Network

In close cooperation with experts from European and international institutions, national, regional and local administration and public services, universities and research institutes, public institutes and private companies, the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law designs highly appreciated practical training courses. Our high-level experts help you to face all professional challenges in practice. Join this extraodinary international knowledge network!


Kirsten Bach Kjeldal

Coordinator and Project Manager of ESF Funded Project “HOLD FAST”, Region Syddanmark


Profile picture: Neris Baez Garcia De Mazzora

Neris Baez Garcia De Mazzora

Director, Office of Procurement Service, Department of Management, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

John Baker

Associate (Anti-Fraud / Bribery), Public Sector Group / International Funding Initiatives, Moore Stephens, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Anne-Marie Baker

Wellbeing and Inclusivity Manager, University of Exeter

United Kingdom

Paul Baldacchino

Chief Officer Incentives, Malta Enterprises


Jonathan Baldwin

Director of Teaching and Learning, Institute of Continuing Learning, University of Cambridge

United Kingdom

Peter Bandilla

Head of Unit Strategy for Decentralized Financial Instruments, European Investment Bank

Valeria Bandini

European and International Department Manager, ASTER, Italy and Member of the Board of Directors, European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA)


Jean-Claude Banon

Executive Representative, Chairman Business Europe at Veolia Environnement / Veolia Environment


Profile picture: Ruth Banyard

Ruth Banyard

Research Accountant, Penryn Campus, University of Exeter

United Kingdom

Angela Bardenhewer

Data Protection Officer, Senior Legal Advisor and Anti-Fraud and Ethics Officer, Fusion for Energy (F4E), European Joint Undertaking for ITER

Marc Barennes

Référendaire, Cabinet of Judge Tomljenovic, General Court, Court of Justice of the European Union


Diana Barglazan

Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission

Peter Barker

Head of Audit and Assurance, UK RA EU Funding Team, Finances and Estates, Capabilities and Resources, Home Office

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Susana Barragan

Susana Barragan

Communication Officer, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Profile picture: Romy Bartels

Romy Bartels

Director of the Responsible Authority EU Funds (ERF, IF, RF), Federal Office for Migration and Refugees


Markus Bartsch

TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT – Technical Inspection Association for Information Technology), Member of TÜV NORD


Prof. Dr. Arno Basedow

Managing Director, Technology Licensing Office of the State of Baden-Württemberg Universities’ Alliance


Badouin Baudru

Advisor-Expert at the Cabinet of Commissioner Marianne Thyssen for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, European Commission

Dr Christina Bauer

Legal expert of the Managing Authority of the ETC Programme “Alpine Space”, Government Office of the Land of Salzburg


Profile picture: Dr. Gerd Bauer

Dr. Gerd Bauer

EESSI Project Leader, Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions


Béatrice Baumann

Inspector of Finance, Head of the Federal Audit Cell for the European Funds, Interfederal Corps for the Inspectorate of Finance


Roland Baumann

Head of Public Relations, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Martin Baumhauer

Senior Policy Officer, Department III/C/9 – Federal Performance Management Office,
Civil Service Innovation Austrian Federal Ministry for the Civil Service and Sport

Raymond Bausch

Directing Financial Inspector, Government of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Nancy Beaudouin

Staff Welfare Officer, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – UN OCHA

Fabienne Beaumelou

Head of Animation Unit, RACINE


Christoph Beer

Cluster Manager, ICT Cluster Bern


Bert Begthel

Ministry of Finance, Audit Department, Division Justice & Home Affairs

the Netherlands

Florian Beilhack

Inhouse Legal Counsel, Department Agreements & Finance, Max-Planck Innovation


Jean-Benoit Bel

Senior Project Manager, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+)


Steve Bell

Director for Health and Work, NHS Health Scotland

Chris Bell

Director of Education and Business Development Ltd

United Kingdom

Marian Amy Jane Benbow Pfisterer

Head of Department, Project Development and Liaison Department, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)


Dr. Thomas Bender

Head of Unit ESF Coordination, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, European Commission


Petra Bender

Head of Personnel & Administration in the Airlift Management Programme of the NATO Support Agency


Jiří Beneš

Auditor in the ERDF, Transport and Energy - Financial Audit Unit, European Court of Auditors

Czech Republic

Núria Benítez

Senior Project Manager, International Research Projects Office (OPIR), University of Barcelona


Alison Benney

Social Media Manager, Public Affairs and Communications, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

Ulrich Benterbusch

Deputy Director-General, Efficiency and Heat in Industry and Households, Sustainable Mobility, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)


Christian Bercker

Managing Director, rechenwerk GmbH, Secretariat of the Managing Authority ERDF-NRW


Christian Berger

Senior Advisor, Division for Competition, State Aid and Framework Conditions, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation


Isa-Maria Bergman

Senior Consultant, Sustainable Public Procurement, Motiva Ltd. – Specialist in Energy and Material Efficiency – Affiliated Government Agency


Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Luleå University of Technology


Emanuela Andina Bernasconi

Head of Internal Audit, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research


Georges Bernede

Former Head of the Quality Management and Assessment Division and Chief Audit Executive, European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT)

Ben Berry

Senior Commercial Manager, Transport for London (TfL)

United Kingdom

Paulos Beyene

Team Leader, Science and Technology Institutions and Regions Support Coordination Directorate, Ministry of Science and Technology


Carsten Beyer

Managing Director, sustainable-projects GmbH (s.Pro)


Dr Leonardo Biagioni

Head of Contracts and Procurement, European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy (EURATOM Agency Fusion for Energy)

Bud Bickes [tbc]

Careers Counsellor, Career Centre, Delft University of Technology

the Netherlands

Stanislaw Bienias

President & Former Head of the National Evaluation Unit, Ministry of Regional Development, Poland, IDEA Institute Ltd., Poland


Rachael Billington

Head of Press and Media Relations, INTERPOL

Profile picture: Staffan Bjurulf

Staffan Bjurulf

Regional Advisor, Region Värmland


Stephen Blackmore

Head of Strategy, Policy and Planning Team, Finance and Estates Directorate, Corporate Services, Home Office

United Kingdom

Stephen Blair

Director, Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly


Andy Bleaden

Funding and Programmes Manager, Stockport Council, United Kingdom & H2020
Evaluator for the European Commission

Remus Blidar

Auditor in the ERDF, Transport and Energy - Financial Audit Unit, European Court of Auditors


Dr. Helmut Blöch

Deputy Head of Unit, DG Environment, European Commission


Steef Blok

Director e Innovation Lab, Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Dr. Nina Blom Andersen

Dr. Nina Blom Andersen

Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communication, Business and Information Technologies, University of Roskilde


Karin Blumenthal

Team leader Waste Statistics, Unit Environment Statistics and Accounts, Sustainable Development, European Commission – Eurostat

Joe Blunden

Assistant Director of Marketing and Patient Experience, National Health Service

UK Public Sector Communications Award 2016 Winner

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Erik Boer

Erik Boer

Director of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Erik Boers

Senior business advisor, Quality- & Risk Management Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands

the Netherlands

Małgorzata Bojańczyk

Head of Unit, Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Poland

Profile picture: Carlos Bolaños

Carlos Bolaños

Project Manager, INTERACT ENPI Point South


Blanka Bolerazká

Head of Unit, Technical Infrastructure and Housing, Supreme Audit Office

Czech Republic

Klaus Bolving

CEO, CenSec

Silvio Bonaccio

Head of Technology Transfer Department, ETH Zurich


Profile picture: István Bondor

István Bondor

Deputy Head of EAFRD Managing Authority, Ministry for Rural Development


Profile picture: Dr Didier Bonijoly

Dr Didier Bonijoly

Deputy Head of the Geology department, Co-ordinator of RD&D CO2 storage project Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières


Peter Bonne Rasmussen

Auditor, Internal Audit Division, Danish Food Industry Agency


Marie-José Bonthuis

Privacy- and IT-Lawyer, CIPP/E, CIPM,CIPT, FIP, Privacy1 / University of Groningen

Tiziana Bonzon

Lead, Migration & Displacement, Migration Task Force Global Lead, Programmes and Operations, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Arnold Boon

University Director, Senior Management Team, Aarhus University, Denmark

Profile picture: Bert Boone

Bert Boone

General Director, ESF Agency Flanders


Annabelle Borg

Staff Counsellor, United Nations Office at Geneva – UNOG

Dr. Amanda Borg

Senior Manager SOLID Funds, Funds and Programmes Division, Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto


Janaina Borges

Head of Audio-Visual and Social media, World Trade Organization

Profile picture: Richard Borgi

Richard Borgi

President, SATT Nord


Profile picture: Gerrit R. Bornemann

Gerrit R. Bornemann

Legal Representative and Advisor of the Helmholtz-Association, Brussels Office


Stefan Bornstein

Transcampus Dean, King‘s College London and Dresden University of Technology

United Kingdom & Germany

Antonios Bouchagiar

Member of the Legal Service, AIDE Team (State Aids and Dumping), European Commission

Cedric Bourgeois

Principal Investigator, Internal Oversight Service, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Stefania Bové

IT Manager, ARTEA Tuscany Paying Agency


Simona Bovha

Head of Division, Consultant, Procurement and Contract Management (CPCM) Division, Advisory Service Department, European Investment Bank

Angela Bowen

Deputy Director Development, Imperial College London

United Kingdom

Peter Bowsted

Director, Executives in Africa Limited


Adrian Boylan

Head of ICT Department, London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

United Kingdom

Profile picture: David Bradley

David Bradley

Policy Advisor, International Waste Shipments Control, UK Environment Agency

United Kingdom

Eric Brakke

Programme Director European Funds, Directorate-General for Immigration, Management and Coordination Section, Ministry of Security and Justice

the Netherlands

Profile picture: Dr Tim Oliver Brandi

Dr Tim Oliver Brandi

Partner, Lovells LLP


Profile picture: Daniel Braun

Daniel Braun

Director General, National Coordination Authority and European Affairs Section, Ministry for Regional Development

Czech Republic

Michael Brauner

Head of Unit, Court of Auditors of the Federal State Brandenburg


Derville Brennan

Programme Executive, Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly


Dr Arne Brentjes

Head of the Strategy and Information Unit, University of Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Craig Brierley

Head of Research Communications, Office of External Affairs and Communications, University of Cambridge

United Kingdom

Profile picture: Raphaël Brigandi

Raphaël Brigandi

Strategic Communications Officer, EEAS - European External Action Service

Barney Brown

Head of Digital Communications, University of Cambridge

Sheena Brown

Head of Branch, State Aid Unit, Energy and Enterprise Directorate, Scottish Government

United Kingdom

Uli Brückner

Jean Monnet Professor for European Studies, Stanford University Berlin and California


Ieva Bruņeniece

Senior Expert, Climate Change Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia

Gianluca Brunetti

Director of Human Resources and Finances, European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

Charlotte Brunlid

Legal Counsel, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV)


Profile picture: Vanessa Bruynooghe

Vanessa Bruynooghe

Policy Officer, State Aid Unit Access to finance, R&D&I and Environment, Directorate General for Competition, European Commission

Katharina Bryan

Auditor, Performance Audit Unit, Chamber IV - Revenue, Research and Internal Policies, and European Union's Institutions and Bodies, European Court of Auditors

United Kingdom

Marcin Brysiak

Manager, New Sales Channels Development Department, NETIA S.A.


Andrea Bua

Head of Unit, Financial Instruments, Adriatic Sea Department, European Investment Bank

Dr. Anita Buchli

Head of Strategic Development, ETH Zurich

Marc Buchmann

Programme Manager, Unit for Sustainable Energy and Climate Change in the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission

Karsten Bugmann

Head of Human Resources, Paul Scherrer Institut


Selma Bukvic-Sadovic

Procurement Officer, Procurement and Contracting Unit, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

Okusitina Bulavakarua

Chief, Human Resources Planning and Development Unit, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Dr. Adrian Bull

Principal Lecturer, University of Lincoln

United Kingdom

Matija Bumbak

Head of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development Department, City of Sibenik


Luca Burello

Head of Sector Quality, Corporate Services Department, European Union Agency for Fundamental

Profile picture: Alenka Burja

Alenka Burja

Seconded National Expert, DG Environment, Unit C1, Green Public Procurement, European Commission


Profile picture: Melanie Büscher

Melanie Büscher

Senior Advisor and National Contact Point for Legal and Financial Issues in Horizon 2020, EuroCenter, Ministry of Higher Education and Science


Maria Rosa Aldea Busquets

European Commission, Directorate-General for Budget, Director, Budget Execution

Massimo Busuoli

Director, Brussels Office of ENEA, the Italian Agency for New Technologies, the Energy and the Environment


Dr. Keith Butler

Head of Antitrust Practice, Antitrust and Competition Law, Strange & Butler

United Kingdom & United States

Vytautas Butrimas

Adviser, Cybersecurity and IT Department, Ministry of National Defence


Profile picture: Christian Byrith

Christian Byrith

Head of Secretariat, The North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013


Cecilia Byström

EU / Sida Financial Manager, Grants Office, Karolinska Institutet


Peter Bøcher

Director, Educational Strategy Unit, University of Copenhagen