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Practical Seminar Research Evaluation & Assessing Research Quality

Indicators • Impact • Integrity


Evaluating Research Is Challenging

Assessing the quality of research comprises many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Quite a large number of research outcomes can be measured quantitatively. However, this also leaves room for debate: Are number of publications, citations or doctoral students sufficient indicators for research assessment? What other criteria are useful to measure research outcomes? Yet, the most difficult question remains how to demonstrate the actual impact of research on society.

Effectively Assessing Research

As research results become pivotal for international rankings and external funding, it is crucial to understand how to assess research quality. How can research outcomes be compared across different subject areas? Where to find the right counterparts to benchmark research performance? What tools are available? How can KPI’s assist my organisation in measuring research outputs and outcomes? Deepen your expertise on instruments and methods to evaluate research at our practical seminar.

Who is this seminar for?
  • How can you evaluate and monitor the quality of research in order to promote research excellence?
  • How can you effectively operate a research evaluation routine in your institution?
  • How can you enhance research integrity?
  • What steps are crucial to avoid and address issues of research misconduct?
  • What are the differences in impact assessment between basic and applied research?
  • Which indicators are most useful to report on research outputs and outcomes?
  • In which way can research evaluation be integrated into a wider reporting system?
  • How can available data and statistics be best used to monitor results?
  • What are the new developments in the field of science and evaluation studies?
  • What are the issues involved in open access publishing and open data sharing?

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

Directors, Heads of Departments and Units, Managers, Officers and other members of staff in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), Research Institutes and University Hospitals responsible for:

  • Research evaluation
  • Research and transfer support
  • Research governance
  • Monitoring of research outputs
  • Research integrity and research ethics
  • Quality management in research
  • Research and development
  • Innovation and valorisation

From the following departments:

  • Vice Rector for Research, Quality, Development, Strategy
  • Quality Unit/Office/Department
  • Planning and Controlling
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Dean’s Offices on Faculty/College/School Level
  • University Library


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