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International Seminar Professional Training Management

Strategic Approaches * Organisational and Individual Performance * Staff Retention


The challenge of retaining skillful employees is immense

The effectiveness of public institutions relies mostly on the workforce, their skills and motivation. Training management can create a meaningful link between the needs of your organisation and those of your employees. However, many institutions struggle to embed training with their overall HR strategy, while the Return on Investment of trainings are sometimes hard to grasp. These challenges may seem cumbersome, but they certainly can be resolved.

Making training management contribute to the bigger picture

Professionally managed training improves not only the skill set of your work force, but also ensures the effectiveness of your organisation. Furthermore, insights from experienced practitioners will enable you to foster motivation and to improve your employee retention. Learning about how to embed training management in your HR strategy and how to measure training outcomes will ultimately ensure your value-for-money. We will i.a. cover the following topics:

  • Identifying training needs
  • Embedding training management with performance frameworks and HR strategies
  • Building a learning organisation
  • Improving staff retention
  • Training and "Managing for Results"
  • Measuring results

Who is this seminar for?
  • How do I identify the training needs of the employees?
  • How to bring organisational and individual needs together
  • How do I design an effective success monitoring of further education and a long-term further education controlling?
  • How do I achieve acceptance for my trainings?
  • How can training management contribute to staff retention?
  • How to embed training management with your competency framework and HR strategy
  • How to make training part of your "Management for Results"
  • How can you leverage existing skills for internal trainings?

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

Leading personnel in charge of staff training such as Chief Learning Officers, Heads of Human Resources, Staff Development Coordinator, Staff Development Specialist, Staff Training, Facilitator, Policy Advisor, Managers, Officers and other members of staff from:

  • International organizations
  • National and Regional Ministries
  • Public Companies
  • Central Banks, Public Banks
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • City Councils & Communities

Especially in the following fields:

  • Personnel, Human Resources Management
  • Training
  • Organisational Learning, Organisational Development
  • Performance & Evaluation
  • Administration
  • Staff Development
  • Information & Knowledge Management


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