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Masterclass Management in EU Funds

A unique professional training tailor-made for your needs

We are proud to announce the “Masterclass Management in EU Funds”, a unique professional training on EU funds management. This Masterclass represents the first Europe-wide intensive professional preparation for all EU funds specialists.

Have you gathered first experience or are you about to start working in this very complex field of EU funding? Then you comply with the key admission requirement for the “Masterclass Management in EU Funds”. Join many successful graduates and ensure high qualification for your career.

EU Funds Management – A complex professional field

Every year, billions of Euro in EU funding are granted to implement innovative projects on national, regional and local level in Europe. The preparations for the new programming period 2014-2020 have already begun and become more and more intensified. There is a broad spectrum of EU funding possibilities available for projects. It is the task of the competent authorities to implement the programmes. They have to select from thousands of projects those ones that fit the requirements, and monitor, control and evaluate them. Furthermore, they have to ensure a smooth cooperation with all stakeholders involved.

The fulfilment of these tasks by responsible authorities requires a thorough knowledge of all applicable legislation including the EU regulations concerning EU Funds. If you fail to comply with these rules, the consequences can be substantial. Therefore, all authorities charged with obligations regarding the management and control of EU Funds need to be certain how to proceed in complicated cases. Moreover, the constant monitoring and implementation of the newest changes in the EU funding policy as well as the exchange of knowledge with colleagues and experts are essential in the professional field of EU funds management.

This unique Masterclass provides you with in-depth expertise on management and control of EU funds. It aims to prepare you thoroughly for your everyday work. Benefit from the wide choice of topics highly relevant to your professional field as well as from the intensive knowledge exchange with experienced practitioners. Use this unique advanced professional training to broaden your knowledge and acquire excellent competence for your work.



Download the Masterclass brochure in English here.


Download the Masterclass brochure in English here.


Download the Masterclass brochure in German here.


Download the Masterclass brochure in German here.

Masterclass Elements

In order to be awarded the “Masterclass Management in EU Funds” Diploma you need to successfully complete 3 compulsory Masterclass seminars. Additionally, you need to successfully complete 4 optional Masterclass seminars of your choice. Each course consists of a maximum of two training days. You need to successfully pass the Knowledge Check at the end of each Masterclass seminar in order to receive the “Masterclass Management in EU Funds” Diploma.

* Symposia, Conferences and Summer Academies not included
** ECTS-Points not included

Reinforced Financial Control and Verifications of EU Funds

Language: Date: Location:
English scheduled: November 2019 This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.
Date: scheduled: November 2019
Location: This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.
Language: English

State Aid Rules for National Funding and EU Funds

Language: Date: Location:
English 05.12.2019 - 06.12.2019 This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.
Date: 05.12.2019 - 06.12.2019
Location: This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.
Language: English
Organisational Matters
Masterclass Time Schedule
Masterclass Modules

Masterclass Seminar Location


The following highly qualified and experienced speakers have provided their expertise at our events:

Profile picture: Nicholas Martyn

Nicholas Martyn

Audit Director, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Commission

United Kingdom

Paolo Cesarini

Head of R&D, Innovation and Risk Capital Unit, DG Competition - State Aid policy, European Commission


Johan Khouw

European Anti-Fraud Office: Head of Fraud Prevention and Intelligence Unit, European Commission


Profile picture: Leif Högnäs

Leif Högnäs

Fraud Prevention Officer, DG Regional Policy, European Commission


Laurent Sens

Policy Officer, ESF Coordination Unit, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, European Commission


Prof. Dr. Hendrik Fehr

Former Director at the Presidency of the European Court of Auditors


Martin Weber

Director, Chamber II — Structural Policies, Transport and Energy, European Court of Auditors


Roland Randefelt

Senior Engineer, Programme Lending Division in the Projects Directorate of the European Investment Bank


Hubert Cottogni

Head of Regional Business Development, European Investment Fund


Louis Vervloet

General Director of the ESF Agency Flanders


Profile picture: Daniel Jansen

Daniel Jansen

Deputy Head of the Managing Authority (ESF), Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs in Northrhine-Westfalia


Jo Kremers

Former Senior Audit Manager, Central Audit Service
Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

Gerard Finn

Director of the Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly


Profile picture: Konrad Knedler

Konrad Knedler

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP), Internal Audit Director, Polish Agency of Enterprise Development


Bénédict Wauters

Deputy Director for Strategy and Organisational Development in the ESF Agency Flanders


Nataša Prah

Head of Unit, Budget Supervision Office, Ministry of Finance


Balázs Dencsö

Director General, Head of EU Funds Audit Authority, Directorate General for Audit of European Funds under the Ministry of National Economy


Andrew Luff

Structural Funds Expert Advisor

United Kingdom

Jana Jirku

Head of Unit, ESF Management Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Czech Republic

Barry North

Former ERDF Technical Policy Manager, ERDF Programmes Team, Local Economies, Regeneration and European Programmes (LEREP) Directorate, Department of Communities and Local Government

United Kingdom

Phil McVey

former Director of European Policy and Programmes, South West of England Regional Development Agency

United Kingdom

Grzegorz Orawiec

Director, Department of Regional Policy, Managing Authority, Marshal’s Office of the Swietokrzyskie Regional Government


Declan Wylde

Head of Finance, Transport Infrastructure, Ireland


Kaur Siruli

Head of Financial Control Department, Ministry of Finance


Ignaz Knöbl

Head of Unit Coordination of Rural Development under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management


Profile picture: Dr Andre Schlochtermeier

Dr Andre Schlochtermeier

Head of Office, European Research Programme, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Eeva-Liisa Koivuneva

Senior Government Advisor, Head of the Structural Funds Administration, Regional Development Unit, Ministry of Employment and the Economy


Profile picture: Edith Templeton

Edith Templeton

Assistant Director of the State Aid Branch in the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory

United Kingdom

Inscription Fee
  • Inscription fee for public administration: 6 900,- Euro excl. German VAT (19%)
  • Inscription fee for participants from other sectors: 8 900,- Euro excl. German VAT (19%)

The above price covers the following:

  • Participation in 3 compulsory Masterclass seminars*
  • Participation in 4 optional Masterclass seminars*
  • “Masterclass Management in EU Funds” Diploma**
  • Masterclass Presentations, digital version
  • Lunch on all Masterclass training days
  • Refreshments on all Masterclass training day

      * Symposia, Conferences and Summer Academies not included
      ** ECTS-Points not included


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