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09.12.2016 The Brief: Happy birthday to EU

Kirk Douglas is 100 years old today. He is exactly four times older than the Maastricht Treaty and, some might say, is in far better shape than the European Union.

09.12.2016 European Fiscal Board chief: Commission’s analysis ‘made a bit too quickly’

The new European Fiscal Board began working just as the European Commission took the unprecedented step of proposing a fiscal target for the eurozone. The Board’s chief, Niels Thygesen told that the Commission should have done “more analysis” before proposing an expansionist stance.

09.12.2016 Using online technology to beat hate

Hate is brewing in society, and its expression through online speech is real and corrosive. Internet companies and NGOs are now working with the EU to fight back, writes Robin Sclafani.

09.12.2016 Alternative fuels and cleaner transport: From policy to reality [Promoted]

With 94% of depending on traditional fuels, the current European transport sector requires up to €1 billion a day and is responsible for a quarter of EU carbon emissions.

09.12.2016 MEPs need a long hard look in the mirror

MEPs have been quick to point out the reforms needed to improve accountability in the Commission but have not turned the same critical eye on themselves, writes Myriam Douo.

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