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Topic overview

State Aid

State Aid is a form of government assistance essential for the survival of many companies. Low-interest loans, financial assistance, collaterals, guarantees and shareholding which help companies liquidity are financed by individual governments. The European Commission will only permit such measures if a set of stringent requirements are observed.

Clear rules and regulations for awards

The basis for granting state aid is laid down in the Lisbon Treaty. It stipulates that State aid must be compatible with the EU single market and must not impede trade between member states or distort competition. The laws on state aid are being constantly revised at both national and European levels and need to be checked permanently.

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EU Financing for Broadband Infrastructure Projects 2014-2020

Language: Date: Location:
English 26.09.2016 - 27.09.2016 InterCity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Date: 26.09.2016 - 27.09.2016
Location: InterCity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Language: English

State Aid in the European Agricultural and Forestry Sectors

Language: Date: Location:
English 06.10.2016 - 07.10.2016 Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie
Date: 06.10.2016 - 07.10.2016
Location: Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie
Language: English

State Aid Rules for National Funding and EU Funds

Language: Date: Location:
English 05.12.2016 - 06.12.2016 RAMADA Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
Date: 05.12.2016 - 06.12.2016
Location: RAMADA Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
Language: English

7th European Summer Academy STATE AID 2017

Language: Date: Location:
English scheduled: June 2017 This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.
Date: scheduled: June 2017
Location: This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.
Language: English